Words of mission

Creator Spirit, wellspring of our lives,
as the refreshing rain falls on the just and unjust alike,
refresh us with your mercy
who knows our own injustice. 
As the stream flows steadily on,
defying all the odds of stone and water
flow over every boundary and border
that separates us from each other. 
As the waters of baptism wash us and welcome us
renew us now in newness of life
and unity of love. 
As we were once held
in the waters of our mother’s womb
hold us in the power and peace
of your abiding presence.
(Source: Prayer for Justice and Peace, Iona)

May you live this day
Compassionate of heart
Gentle in word,
Gracious in awareness
Courageous in thought
Generous in love. (John O’Donohue)

We take a risk
and we place ourselves
at the service of the Gospel
knowing that to do so
will involve us in a struggle
that is both inner and outer,
knowing that we have come
to a point where we cannot
make sense of life without God.

We take a risk today,
by leaving this community
to go and create community,
knowing that to do so
will put us in conflict
with those who seek their own interest.

We take a risk today
that in going our separate ways,
You, Jesus Christ, come with us
and that is all that matters.
So, send us out now,
we are ready to come with You. Amen. (source unknown)

(the following could be used as words of mission, or to conclude prayers for others. The words could be especially useful to gather the people’s prayers when there are reports of particular acts of violence in the media)
Loving God, we are human and often overwhelmed by the many difficulties we face in our world, in our Church, in our lives. In the face of so many challenges, you call us to always act with love. Help us to become instruments of peace in our world, to confront violence and its causes, the toxic roots of injustice, and the vicious hatred that disfigures the human person made in your image. This we ask through the transfigured Christ, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen
(adapted from 30th anniversary service of death of Archbishop Oscar Romero)

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