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St Patrick’s Day, 17 March

Brigit (451-525 AD) is a Celtic saint who exemplified the wonderful gift of hospitality that Celtic Christians believed was not only meant to be a custom in their homes, it was a key into the Kingdom of God. To offer hospitality was seen as receiving Christ into their midst and fulfilling the law of love.  Continue reading

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Readings: Isaiah 65:17-25: The prophet tells of the promise of a new heaven and new earth, with peace and security and ample provision for all. Isaiah 12: A psalm of praise and thanksgiving for God’s help. 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13: The Christians in Thessalonica are … Continue reading

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Blue Christmas

Unless we have lived through December heartbroken, it may not cross our minds how hard the lead-up to Christmas can feel for people in the midst of loss, failure, or hopelessness. Their imprisonments can look like being stuck in a … Continue reading

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Readings Haggai 1:15b-2:9: God comforts the returning exiles as they grieve the loss of former glory, and face the reality of a new, simpler, less prosperous and glamorous life. God’s presence is assured, and a promise of future glory is … Continue reading

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World AIDS Day, 1 December

World AIDS Day 2016 Prayer Service (WCC) Prayer for those living with AIDS Hear our prayer, O God of mercy and love, for all who live with HIV or AIDS. Grant them loving companions who will support them in the … Continue reading

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