COCU Index Year B 2017-18

Year B
Summer season (southern hemisphere)/
winter season (northern hemisphere)

COCU19B, Lent 1B, 18th February 2018
COCU20B, Lent 2B, 25th February 2018
COCU21B, Lent 3B, 4th March 2018
COCU22B, Lent 4B, 11th March 2018
COCU23B, Lent 5B, 18th March 2018
COCU24B, Lent 6B/Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday, 25th March 2018

Year B COCU Index (link is to a NZ resource)

Citation index (Vanderbilt Library) in canonical order

COCU25B, Holy Week Monday, 26th March 2018
COCU26B, Holy Week Tuesday, 27th March 2018
COCU27B, Holy Week Wednesday, 28th March 2018
COCU28B, Holy Week Thursday/Maundy Thursday, 29th March 2018
COCU29B, Good Friday, 30th March 2018
COCU30B, Holy Saturday, 31st March 2018
COCU31B, Easter Sunday, 1st April 2018
(‘April Fools Day)
COCU32B, Easter 2B, 8th April 2018
COCU33B, Easter 3B, 15th April 2018
COCU34B, Easter 4B, 22nd April 2018
COCU35B, Easter 5B, 29th April 2018
COCU36B, Easter 6B, 6th May 2018
COCU38B, Easter 7B, 13th May 2018
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
COCU39B, Pentecost, 20th May 2018
COCU40B, Trinity Sunday, 27th May 2018
COCU41B, Pentecost 2B, 3rd June 2018
COCU42B, Pentecost 3B, 10th June 2018
COCU43B, Pentecost 4B, 17th June 2018
COCU44B, Pentecost 5B, 24th June 2018
COCU45B, Pentecost 6B, 1st July 2018
COCU 46B, Pentecost 7B, 8th July 2018
COCU 47B, Pentcost 8B, 15th July 2018
COCU 48B, Pentecost 9B, 22nd July 2018
COCU 49B, Pentecost 10B, 29th July 2018
COCU 50B, Pentecost 11B, 5th August 2018
(Hiroshima Day, August 6th)
COCU 51B, Pentecost 12B, 12th August, 2018
COCU 52B, Pentecost 13B, 19th August, 2018
COCU 53B, Pentecost 14B, 26th August, 2018
(Migrant and Refugee Sunday)
COCU 54B, Pentecost 15B, 2nd September, 2018
(Season of Creation Week 1)
(Spring season)
COCU 55B, Pentecost 16B, 9th September, 2018
(Season of Creation Week 2)
COCU 56B, Pentecost 17B, 16th September, 2018
(Season of Creation Week 3)
International Day of Peace, 21st September (each year)
COCU 57B, Pentecost 18B, 23rd September, 2018
(Season of Creation Week 4)
COCU58B, Pentecost 19B, 30th September, 2018
(Social Justice Sunday)
COCU 59B, Pentecost 20B, 7th October, 2018
COCU 60B, Pentecost 21B, 14th October, 2018
COCU 61B, Pentecost 22B, 21st October, 2018
COCU 62B, Pentecost 23B, 28th October, 2018
COCU 64B, Pentecost 24B, 4th November, 2018
COCU 65B, Pentecost 25B, 11th November, 2018
(Remembrance Day, 11th November)
COCU 66B, Pentecost 26B, 18th November, 2018
COCU 67B, Reign of Christ Sunday, 25th November, 2018

Year C

Year A
(See also the season of autumn – in Australia 1st March – 31st May)
Earth Day April 22nd
COCU32A, Easter 2A, 23rd April 2017
ANZAC Day, 25th April – resources here
COCU33A, Easter 3A, 30th April 2017
COCU34A, Easter 4A, 7th May 2017
(first Sunday in May is also a day ‘set aside’ for Pluralism Sunday)
COCU35A, Easter 5A, 14th May 2017
COCU36A, Easter 6A, 21st May 2017
(also, Global Day of Prayer to end Famine, May 21)
COCU38A, Easter 7A, 28th May 2017
(also Reconciliation Sunday)
(also Week of Prayer for Christian Unity)
COCU39A, Day of Pentecost A, 4th June 2017 (see also Pentecost C, which has lots of prayers and resources)
Also World Environment Day
Also start of winter in the southern hemisphere
COCU40A, Trinity Sunday A, 11th June 2017 (see also Year B and Year C)
COCU43A, Pentecost2A, 18th June 2017
(Also start of Refugee Week)
COCU44A, Pentecost 3A, 25th June 2017
(UCA Anniversary 22nd June)
COCU45A, Pentecost 4A, 2nd July 2017
(Also start of NAIDOC Week)
COCU46A, Pentecost 5A, 9th July 2017
COCU47A, Pentecost6A, 16th July 2017
COCU48A, Pentecost 7A, 23rd July 2017
COCU49A, Pentecost 8A, 30th July 2017
COCU50A, Pentecost 9A, 6th August 2017
(also, Hiroshima Day. Could also use some prayers for peace resources)
August 9th, International Day of the World’s Indigenous People recognition
COCU51A, Pentecost 10A, 13th August 2017
(Prayers for Peace – Korean Peninsula – August 13, 2017)
COCU52A, Pentecost 11A, 20th August 2017
COCU53A, Pentecost 12A, 27th August 2017
(Also Migrant and Refugee Sunday in the UCA)
Season of Creation
(also, Spring season)
(also, September is Dementia Month)
(also, National Suicide Prevention Month)
COCU54A, Pentecost 13A, 3rd September 2017
(also, Fathers’ Day)
COCU55A, Pentecost 14A, 10th September 2017
(see also September 11)
(also Child Protection Week)
COCU56A, Pentecost 15A, 17th September 2017
COCU57A, Pentecost 16A, 24th September 2017
(also Social Justice Sunday)
(also World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel, 17-24 Sept)
COCU58A, Pentecost 17A, 1st October 2017
(also World Communion Sunday)
(also International day of Older Persons)
COCU59A, Penteocost 18A, 8th October 2017
October 11, International Day of the Girl 2017
COCU60A, Pentecost 19A, 15th October 2017
(World Food Day October 16th)
(Anti-Poverty Week, 15-21 October, 2017)
COCU61A, Pentecost 20A, 22nd October 2017
COCU62A, Pentecost 21A, 29th October 2017
(Reformation Day 31st October 2017)
(All Saints Day, 1 Nov 2017)
COCU64A,  Pentecost 22A, 5th November 2017
(also International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church – IDOP)
(Remembrance Day, Nov 11th)
COCU65A, Pentecost 23A, 12th November 2017
(another tragedy, another shooting – prayers and resources)
COCU66A, Pentecost 24A, 19th November 2017
(also World Toilet Day)
(UN World Children’s Day Nov 20)
Nov 20 International Transgender Day of Remembrance (ITDR)
COCU67A, Reign of Christ, 26th November 2017
(Also Reign of Christ Year B and Year C)

COCU Year A 2016-17

Year B
Advent general resources
Advent and Christmas Music
World AIDS Day, December 1st
COCU1B, Advent 1B, 3rd December 2017
(Also UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities – IDPD, Dec 3rd)

COCU2B, Advent 2B, 10th December 2017
(also UN Human Rights Day, Dec 10)

COCU3B, Advent 3B, 17th December 2017
COCU4B, Advent 4B, 24th December 2017
(also Christmas Eve – Year A, Year B, Year C)
Blue Christmas
COCU5B, Christmas Day, 25th December 2017
(Christmas Day music)
COCU6B, Christmas 1B, 31st December 2017 (Christmas 1A)
(New Years Day, 1st January 2018)
COCU9B, Epiphany 1B, 7th January 2018
COCU10B, Epiphany 2B, 14th January
Martin Luther King Jr Day (USA)
COCU11B, Epiphany 3B, 21st January 2018
26th January: Australia Day/Survival Day
COCU12B, Epiphany 4B, 28th January 2018
COCU13B, Epiphany 5B, 4th February 2018
COCU14B, Transfiguration, 11th February 2018
(Transfiguration Sunday Year A and Year C)
COCU18B, Ash Wednesday, 14th February 2018

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