Transgender Day of Remembrance, 20th Nov

In 2020, 350 murders of trans people have been reported, with 59 lost to suicide. There are countless unreported cases, and the numbers do not include the continent of Africa, or China. Today we remember and mourn their loss. We pray for a more just and inclusive future.

God of all ages
God of all peoples
God of all hopes and dreams
Today we remember those among us who are transgender:
We grieve the murders of those killed for the sake of hate,
We celebrate the lives of each and every transgender individual;
Those who are able to live into their fullest selves
And those who fear the repercussions of authenticity.
Help us and our world to transition
From grief to celebration,
From ignorance to understanding,
From shame to pride,
From complacency to activism
And from hopelessness to hope.
We lift these prayers up to you, O God,
You who are beyond binaries,
You who calls us each by name and loves us beyond measure.

(Source: Worship Words)

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Rev Sandy Boyce is a Uniting Church in Australia Minister (Deacon). This blog may be a help to people planning worship services.
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