One Great Sunday of Sharing

(leaving this page for reference and resources. The Uniting Church has now moved to Intercultural Neighbouring Sunday which takes place on the 3rd Sunday in July)

The declaration that the Uniting Church in Australia is a multicultural Church for all God’s people sets us on a journey of continual discovery and renewal. One Great Sunday of Sharing helps us to keep this focus at the heart of our common life in the UCA. It is held each year on the 3rd Sunday in July, or another date best suited to the local setting.
Uniting Church congregations, faith communities and fellowship groups are invited to come together to share stories of being both guest and host, in personal life, in relationship with other cultures, and of our experience of being Christian in a multicultural Church and a nation that is both multicultural and multifaith.  
It is an opportunity to spend time together with people whose culture and background is different from your own. 

God our Creator,
you brought this Uniting Church into being
You have called us to be your diverse and multi-coloured people
Show us how to value one another as those made in your image Christ Jesus
You reached out across the barriers that divided Jews, Samaritans and Romans,
Enable us to cross the barriers that separate us from one another Holy Spirit,
You are the Giver of Unity,
Unite your people in love that we may be a community of justice, love and reconciliation –
A Church for all God’s People. Amen
(A CHURCH FOR ALL GOD’S PEOPLE – VISION STATEMENT adopted by the 2006 Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia)

A video of a service for the 2021 One Great Sunday of Sharing at Pilgrim Uniting Church on the Pilgrim Uniting Church Adelaide Youtube channel.

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