Proper 27B Ordinary 32B Pentecost +24 (Nov 11, 2012)

A thoughtful link between Ruth and Naomi, and the widow’s offering – perhaps a link that could be woven into reflections on the offering we make. (Thanks, Thom Shuman!)
Thom writes:
I love the book of Ruth.  It is shuch a short, powerful, packed story.
It begins with nothing: there is no king(judges ruled), there is no food,
there is no land, there is no family, no life.  There are just two widows, one who
has renamed herself ‘Bitterness,’ – they are empty, they have nothing,
they count for nothing in that time and place.
Yet by the end of the story, there is a marriage, there is a child, there
is new life, there is the promise of a king, there is plenty of food, there
is a land with a home, there is a new family.  All out of nothingness, because
two widows who trusted that out of their nothingness might comes something.
Out of there scarcity came abundance.
I wonder if Jesus thought about his ancestors, Ruth and Naomi, as he watched
the widow put her two copper coins in the offering.

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