Olympics 2012

Paul Sheppy (UK) wrote this prayer after reflecting on the opening ceremony: ‘As I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, I rejoiced in the creativity and discipline which marks all Olympiads. And I thought of the motto: citius, altius, fortius (quicker, higher, stronger)’. We pray for those gathered to celebrate and compete in the Olympic Games.

As athletes strive
to go faster, higher and stronger,
give us grace, Lord God,
that we may be swift to show mercy to those who lose hope,
that we may lift high those who are cast down,
that we may be strong to do justice for those who cause is forgotten.

These things we ask
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who gives to his people
an unfading crown of glory.
To him, and to you, Father,
and to the Spirit
be glory and praise
now and for ever.

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