Gathering hymns, songs & processionals

All the hungry, all the thirsty
(Music: Ode to Joy TiS 152)
All the hungry, all the thirsty,
all who look for strength may come, all the needy, all the lonely,
all who long to find a home.
Here’s a door that’s always open, here’s a table spread for all,
here a welcome, here a family,
here your heart can hear God’s call.

All the gifted, all the joyful,
all whose hope is strong, come too,
come with overflowing blessings,
come with reassures old and new.
Here’s a task that needs those riches,
here good news is always heard,
here a living faith grows bolder,
here your voice can speak God’s word.

All the gifts of God’s peoples,
all the struggles, all the pain,
all the Spirit-led abundance,
all the grief and loss and gain –
brought together in one Body,
burdens lighten, joys increase,
and together we can ask for
Jesus’ strength and Jesus’ peace.

All God’s people, praise your Maker,
praise the one who called you here.
All disciples, praise your Teacher;
loving, leading, always near.
All you faithful, praise the Spirit,
lifting every heart to pray.
Praise the Holy One who gives us
grace along the travellers’ way.
(Words: Elizabeth Smith)

God is here today (Dios esta aqui)
(Sung music sample here, and piano sample here)
God is here today,
as certain as the air I breathe,
as certain as the morning sun that rises,
as certain when I sing you’ll hear my song.
(Words: Javier Gacías Mateo. Background to the song here)

God of the Bible
God of the Bible, God in the Gospel,
hope seen in Jesus, hope yet to come,
you are the centre, daylight or darkness,
freedom or prison, you are our home.

Fresh as the morning, sure as the sunrise,
God always faithful, with us through change. (repeat)

God in our struggles, God in our hunger,
suffering with us, taking our part,
still you empower us, mothering Spirit
feeding, sustaining, from your own heart.

Those without status, treated as nothing,
You have made royal, gifted with rights,
chosen as partners, midwives of justice,
birthing new systems, lighting new lights.

Not by your finger, not by your anger
will our world order change in a day,
but by your people, fearless and faithful,
small paper lanterns, lighting the way.

Hope we must carry, shining and certain
through all the turmoil, terror and loss,
bonding us gladly, one to the other,
till our world changes, facing the Cross.
(Words: Shirley Murray (adapted). Music: Colin Gibson)

In The Midst Of All Our Living(Tune: ‘Nettleton’, 87.87D)                                
In the midst of every blessing
may my heart be filled with grace.
Streams of goodness, ever flowing
call for songs of highest praise.
May my words be filled with gratitude;
may my glad heart humble be.
As a holder of a blessing
May I share it gratefully.

In the midst of every trial
may my heart be filled with grace.
Streams of comfort, ever flowing
call for songs of highest praise.
May I find the strength within me;
may I sense it everywhere.
As I face what must be handled
may I find truth I can share.

In the midst of all our living
may our hearts be filled with grace.
Streams of goodness ever flowing
call for songs of highest praise.
May we seek and find encouragement;
may our choices worthy be.
As we journey on together,
may we know integrity.
(Words © Scott Kearns 2008, inspired by Robert Robinson, 1758)

Come, Teach Us, Spirit of God (Tune: ‘Educate’) 11 (v1-3) FFS
Come, teach us, Spirit of God,
the language of your way,
the lessons that we need to live,
the faith for every day.

Excite our minds to follow you,
to trace new truths in store,
new flight paths for our spirit space,
new marvels to explore.

Engage our wits to dance with you,
to leap from logic’s base,
to capture insight on the wing,
to sense your cosmic grace.

Inspire our spark to light from you,
to catch creation’s flair,
new artistry to celebrate,
new harmonies to dare.

Delight our hearts to worship you,
to learn compassion’s code,
to live in context of your love,
great teacher who is God.
(Words: Shirley Erena Murray)

God Has Called Us (Tune: ‘Duke Street’. 88 88. 439 TiS)
God, you have called us to this hour:
now two or three or many claim
the promised gift of living power,
as your church meets in Jesus’ name.

Open our minds and set us free
from spite and hurt, that we may face
the dread responsibility
of your church, meeting in this place.

Encouraged by the risk you take
in trusting us to do your will,
we dare to offer, for your sake,
all this church gath’ring can fulfil.
(Words: Janet Wootton. Title & last line adapted, RAEHunt)

Wake, Now My Senses (Tune: Slane, 10 10 10 10, 547 TiS)
Wake, now my senses, and hear the earth call;
feel the deep power of being in all;
keep, with the web of creation your vow,
giving, receiving as love shows us how.

Wake, now my reason, reach out to the new,
join with each pilgrim who quests for the true;
honour the beauty and wisdom of time;
suffer your limit, and praise the sublime.

Wake, now compassion, give heed to the cry;
voices of suffering fill the wide sky;
take as your neighbour both stranger and friend,
praying and striving their hardship to end.

Wake, now my conscience, with justice your guide;
join with all people whose rights are denied;
take not for granted a privileged place;
God’s love embraces the whole human race.

Wake, now my vision of ministry clear;
brighten my pathway with radiance here;
mingle my calling with all who will share;
work toward a planet transformed by our care.
(Words: Thomas J S Mikelson)

Gather your people

Gather your people, O Lord.
Gather your people, O Lord.
One bread, one body, one spirit of love.
Gather your people, O Lord.

Verse 1
Draw us forth to the table of life:
brothers and sisters,
each of us called to walk in your light. Refrain

Verse 2
We are parts of the body of Christ,
needing each other,
each of the gifts the Spirit provides. Refrain

Verse 3
No more harm on the mountain of God;
swords into plowshares.
Free us, O Lord, from hardness of heart. Refrain

Verse 4
Wash us, Lord, in the waters of life;
waters of mercy,
waters of hope that flow from your side. Refrain

(Source: Bob Hurd 1991). Sheet music here.

Here all belong (tune: Here I am Lord, Daniel Schutte 1981)
Truth be told, we’re not alone:
we have built ourselves a home;
built it large, and built it free –
love was our goal.
This, a home for anyone,
creed or custom, barring none.
This, a place where love can grow –
here all belong.

May we find here, what we’re seeking.
May we share the strength to carry on.
May the love here do the healing,
lift our hearts, and make us all as one.

Truth be told, we cannot be
whole without diversity.
many different voices raised
create the song.
Whether brown or black or white,
all together, we are light;
any-gendered, any-loved –
here all belong

Truth be told, when gathered here,
we can all our sorrows bear,
held in hearts made strong by love;
we shall not fail.
Aged wisdom, questing youth,
all connected, seeking truth,
altogether, each inspires –
here all belong.
(Source: Gretta Vosper, 2016,


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