World Rivers Day – 30th Sept 2018

World Rivers Day is observed globally every year on the last Sunday in September. Rivers may make up only about 0.2 percent of all the fresh water worldwide but their importance is priceless. This day encourages citizens to get actively involved to ensure the future health of our rivers.

For congregations participating on Season of Creation in September, this is a good day to focus on Rivers. Liturgies online here.

2018 – In Australia the drought, the plundering of the river resources for cultivation of rice and cotton, the threat to the Murray-Darling river system, all deserve focus for the integrity of creation.

Pilgrimage Blessing
As you go into the wilderness of the land and of your heart –
May you experience the ever-flowing grace of God’s presence!
May you be immersed so fully in God’s love that you learn to let go and swim!
May you engage deeply and radically with the natural world,
as steward, co-creator, and friend!
May you drink anew from the divine source, the stream of living water!
And may you be transformed, may the stagnant waters of your spirit begin to flow,
and may all which is dead in you rise again!
God is here. The river awaits. Let the adventure begin. Amen.
(Source: Lisa Hershey Kutolowski, from The River of Life Prayer Book)

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Rev Sandy Boyce is a Uniting Church in Australia Minister (Deacon). This blog may be a help to people planning worship services.
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