Daffodil Day, August 24th 2018

Daffodil Day raises funds to give all Australians a hope for a cancer free future. Cancer affects so many in our community and congregations. It may be helpful to include a prayer for those living with cancer, and for their families. Many prayers for cancer are problematic (theologically).  Jan Richardson offers some beautifully poetic and reflective prayers which speak to the soul.

The Healing That Comes: A Blessing
I know how long
you have been waiting
for your story to take
a different turn,
how far
you have gone in search
of what will mend you
and make you whole.
I bear no remedy,
no cure,
no miracle
for the easing
of your pain.
But I know
the medicine
that lives in a story
that has been
broken open.
I know
the healing that comes
in ceasing
to hide ourselves away
with fingers clutched
around the fragments
we think are
none but ours.
See how they fit together,
these shards
we have been carrying—
how in their meeting
they make a way
we could not
find alone.
(Source: Jan Richardson, The Cure for Sorrow)


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