COCU 53B.26th August, 2018

Psalm 84: A Psalm in praise of God’s Temple,
A psalm telling of the joys of dwelling in God’s House, and of God’s strengthening of God’s people. Also a request for God to hear the Psalmist’s prayer.
1 Kings 8:(1, 6, 10-11), 22-30, 41-43
The Ark of the Covenant in placed in Solomon’s newly built temple. The cloud of God’s glory fills the temple. Solomon prays that God will keep God’s promise to have a descendent of David on the throne forever, and for God to hear and answer the prayers of God’s people and immigrants when they pray in the temple.
Ephesians 6:10-20
The apostle encourages believers to recognise that their struggle is not against human beings, but against spiritual forces of evil. In order to stay strong they need to put on God’s armour and remain faithful in prayer. He also asks them to pray for him.
John 6:56-69
Jesus proclaims that he is the bread that came down from heaven, and that whoever eats his flesh and drinks his blood will remain in Christ and Christ in them. Then many disciples grumble and even start leaving, but when Jesus asks the twelve if they want to go too, Peter answers that they have nowhere else to go, because Jesus has the words of eternal life.
(Bible summaries by John van de Laar, Sacredise)
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Acknowledgement of Land
Prayer of thanksgiving
Prayer of confession/prayers of who we are
Words of Assurance
Prayer for Illumination
Prayers for others
Lord’s Prayer
Prayer of Dedication
Benediction and sending out
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