National Tree Day Sunday 1st August 2021

National Tree Day, was co-founded in 1996 by Planet Ark and Olivia Newton-John. It has now grown in to Australia’s largest community tree planting and nature protection event. Planet Ark is asking Australians to help us plant one million new native trees and shrubs across the country. After the decimation of trees in the 2019-20 bushfire season in Australia, this year more than ever we need to be planting trees. 

Schools Tree Day Friday 30th July 2021
National Tree Day Sunday 1st August 2021 

Creator God,
Out of chaos you brought order.
Out of nothingness you brought life.
In the middle of all life stands the tree.
Trees provide the air that nurtures all your creation.
Birds make them their homes.
Cats climb them for protection.
Trees recycle life that has come before.
Bless the trees of this word, loving God.
Remind us to serve as their caregivers and protectors.
Give them long limbs and long life.
The gift of their breath is as special to us as the breath of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May you live a life rooted and grounded
in God’s presence.
May you stand tall and strong,
Bending with grace and trust in life’s storms.
May you give and receive freely,
Holding on to nothing for long,
So that all life might flourish.
May you hold space for those
Around you, bearing witness to
The joy and pain of life. Amen.
(Source: Wendy Janzen)

The dream of my life
Is to lie down by a slow river,
And stare at the light in the trees –
To learn something by being nothing
A little while but the rich
Lens of attention.
(Source: Mary Oliver, “Entering the Kingdom”)

O God, You Made the Trees
TERRA BEATA D (“This is My Father’s World”)
O God, you made the trees! The oak and Douglas fir,
the maple, beech, and sweetgum reach their branches heavenward.
The willow, growing wide — the redwood, tall and strong —
and cedar trees! Yes, all of these sing out creation’s song.

You made each living thing to give and to receive.
As roots grow down into the ground, they twist and interweave.
A canopy of green restores and cools the air.
Great branches shade the earth you made, and dance — as if in prayer.

How often we forget the forests and their worth!
We lay cement on places meant to be the lungs of earth.
For profit and for gain, we build and build some more;
We cut down woods in neighborhoods of people who are poor.

O God, you made the trees — the apple and the pine.
You made them all and still you call: “Take care of what is mine!”
May we receive your gift and give ourselves anew
to do our best, as we’ve been blessed, to care for trees for you.

Tune: Traditional English melody (“This is My Father’s World”) (MIDI)
Text: Copyright © 2021 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. All rights reserved.
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