Acts 16:9-15: Paul and his companions in Macedonia and the conversion of Lydia.
Psalm 67: a psalm inviting all the nations to praise God
Revelation 21:10,22-22.5: A vision of the New Jerusalem, where the gates are never closed, and yet no evil can enter. It is God who offers security and hospitality to all peoples.
John 14:23-29: the gift of God’s Spirit planted in all those who love God.

RCL readings in A4 landscape 2 columns format: COCU36C.Easter 6C.RCL Bible Readings

Sacredise (John van de Laar)
Singing from the Lectionary (Natalie Sims)

A wonderful illustration for the Gospel reading (edited) from

The great bluesmaster Jimmy Reed was a share-cropper’s son. He brought the throbbing harmonica-and-guitar-driven black rhythm-and-blues of the Mississippi Delta into the popular rock-and-roll mainstream. Listening again to Jimmy Reed’s records, we began to notice something curious. If one listened very carefully, there could sometimes be heard, ever so faintly in the background, a soft woman’s voice murmuring in advance the next verse of the song. The story that grew up around this – and perhaps it is true – was that Jimmy Reed was so absorbed in the bluesy beat and the throbbing guitar riffs of his music that he simply could not remember the words of his own songs. He needed help with the lyrics, and the woman’s voice was none other than that of his wife, devotedly coaching her husband through the recording session by whispering the upcoming stanzas into his ear as he sang. Whether or not this story is accurate, Christians will surely recognize a parallel experience. Jesus tells his followers that the role of the Holy Spirit is, in effect, to whisper the lyrics of the gospel song in the ears of the faithful. When Jesus was present, he was the one who instilled in them the right words, coached them through the proper verses, taught them the joyful commandments. But now that Jesus approaches his death, now that he draws near to his time of departure, now that the disciples will be on their own without him, that task is to be handed over to the Holy Spirit.

COCU36C.Easter6C.Thom Shuman liturgy

Pilgrim UC Orders of Service
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