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I came across this wonderful post of poems by Chris Corrigan as part of the reflections on the 2014 Awakening Soul conference.

He writes:
These poems were composed more or less spontaneously at Awakening Soul 2014. They are harvests of the content of our days together and are largely composed of other people’s words. My process is to listen carefully to what people are saying, and to let those words inspire rhymes and rhythm that weave together voices. These poems are then read back to the gathering as a way of marking our time together, touching on highlights of the day and bringing beauty. The poems are dedicated to the people whose presentations or talks provided most of the source material. Other lines and sections were added listening to the plenary discussions and reflections from participants. It’s important for me to acknowledge that most of the words in these poems were spoken by others and simply heard by me.Because of the spontaneous nature of this form of poetry these have not been refined or perfected – please ignore errors and enjoy them as they are offered.

We need new words to
share the lightness and the dark
not meekly speak of our seeking
but to enter the reeking stench of the real world
where we can unfurl our heart’s longings
together and drink deeply of this moment.

The link is here – I commend them to you!


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