Peace in our Time

As the world prepares for another round of international military engagement in Iraq; as the situation in Syria escalates; as war, displacement, violence and death continue and refugees flood out of trouble spots seeking refuge –  we continue to pray for peace.

I came across a Youtube music clip with words by Australian musician and composer Melvyn Cann, and sung by Rachel.

The youtube music clip has images overlaid so could easily be used as a meditation during prayers for others.

Here are the words to the song:

Now comes the evening , when all of mankind,
shuts up the shutters, and pulls down the blinds.
Where has the light gone, that shone through our window when we were children?

Now comes the morning, on a desolate plain,
rushes the wind, and beats down the rain.
Hear in the caverns, the echoes of pain and cries of the people.

Now all the children who live in the streets, come to that window all looking for treats,
Now feel the splinter , the cold of their winter when they find nothing.

Now feel the anger of a suffering earth,
its love for its creatures, its pains to give birth,
its healing and breaking, its watching and waiting for PEACE IN OUR TIME!

Right by that window, and written in blood,
lies the name of someone you love,
had you but told them, and held them and kissed them things might be different

Now comes the evening , when all of mankind
shuts up the shutters, and pulls down the blinds,
Now comes the morrow, when hope is upon us- yes we are children!

Music and lyrics Melvyn Cann
Production/ guitar Stephen Joyce
Vocals Rachel
Recorded in 1989, video production 2014 by Rachel

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Rev Sandy Boyce is a Uniting Church in Australia Minister (Deacon). This blog may be a help to people planning worship services.
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  1. Melvyn Cann says:

    Dear Sandy,
    Thank you for putting this up. I am deeply moved,
    Lots of love,

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