Pentecost +8A August 7, 2011

Compilation of resources for Proper 14, Pentecost +8A

In our worship planning we are taking the perspective of the people in the boat – very real human emotions of fear, uncertainty, anxiety etc. We all share these from time to time. So the call to take a few steps, with the little faith we have, is a call to make a move from being trapped by fear and anxiety etc to orient ourselves to the one who is the source of comfort, compassion, mercy, etc.

Here’s a simple script in lieu of the Bible reading this week told from the perspective of one who was in the boat, re-telling to a bartender on the other side of the sea of Galilee the next morning.

Pentecost +8A script – bartender and man Sandy Boyce

Song by Rev David MacGregor: David MacGregor song

O ye of little faith – Mucky Paws – Roddy Hamilton O ye of little faith

Water walker – Roddy Hamilton Water walker

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