Pentecost +8A August 7, 2011

Compilation of resources for Proper 14, Pentecost +8A

In our worship planning we are taking the perspective of the people in the boat – very real human emotions of fear, uncertainty, anxiety etc. We all share these from time to time. So the call to take a few steps, with the little faith we have, is a call to make a move from being trapped by fear and anxiety etc to orient ourselves to the one who is the source of comfort, compassion, mercy, etc.

Here’s a simple script in lieu of the Bible reading this week told from the perspective of one who was in the boat, re-telling to a bartender on the other side of the sea of Galilee the next morning.

Pentecost +8A script – bartender and man Sandy Boyce

Song by Rev David MacGregor: David MacGregor song

O ye of little faith – Mucky Paws – Roddy Hamilton O ye of little faith

Water walker – Roddy Hamilton Water walker

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Rev Sandy Boyce is a Uniting Church in Australia Minister (Deacon) in placement at Pilgrim Uniting Church, in Adelaide CBD (12 Flinders St). This blog is mainly to resource worship planners for our services, but of course may be useful for others. We have some great writers of music, words for hymns and liturgy at Pilgrim, so this blog also includes their words.
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