COCU20C.Lent 2C.21Feb2016

cluck, cluck
surely you meant an eagle, majestic and soaring above mountaintops, with an inscrutable eye on all below;
or maybe it was a stork, bringing good luck (even a baby?) to the house it visits;
perhaps a nightingale, singing to cheer our solitude;
an owl, imbuing us with wisdom;
the wild goose whose dignity belies its free spirit . . .
but a chicken?
squawking, clucking, scrabbling around in the dirt for food, gawkily flapping her wings, while scrabbling about to protect her chicks who are doing everything they can to get away from her . . .
. . . that’s your image of God?
(c) 2013 Thom M. Shuman

LUKE 13:31-35
A triangulated relationship,
Herod, Jesus, ‘some Pharisees’,
persecutor, victim, rescuer;
or so we might think.

This prophet will not be drawn:
so much to do
so little time in which to do it
and neither Herod
nor these ‘rescuers’
will be so easily rid of him.

They’ve dispatched his kind before
but Jerusalem the unpeaceful,
that clutch of frightened chickens,
will have to wait
until Jesus enters on a donkey.
© Jeff Shrowder, 2013
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