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“Christian hope is resurrection hope, and it proves its truth in the contradiction of the future prospects thereby offered and guaranteed for righteousness as opposed to sin, life as opposed to death, glory as opposed to suffering, peace as opposed to dissension” – Jurgen Moltmann

Without You
Without You, Lord Jesus,
we would be lost in a dark and despairing world,
without joy and without life.
Without You, Lord Jesus,
we would be frozen in a cold and meaningless existence,
without hope and without a future.
But, You are the Risen and Living One
Who leads us out of our tombs of despondency and fear
and fills our lives with rejoicing.
And so, we give You our gratitude – in the words we speak,
in the songs we sing
and in the lives we live,
wholly filled with You. Amen.
(Source: John van de Laar, Sacredise)

Call to worship
(Janet Morley, based on Mark 16:1-8)
When we are despairing; when the world is full of grief;
when we see no way ahead, and hope has gone away.
Roll back the stone.
Although we fear change; although we are not ready;
although we’d rather weep and run away.
Roll back the stone.
because we hope where hope is in vain;
because you call us from the grave
and show they way.
Roll back the stone.

Hymn: Lord, turn our grieving into grace
Words: Shirley Murray. Music: Ian Render

Lord, turn our grieving into grace:
another way of being,
learning what others have to face,
another way of seeing;
Lord, by the sharing of the pain,
lift up the stone,
lift up the stone,
lift up the stone
that weights us down.

Grow in these dark resistant fears
the seedlings of compassion,
draw from this spring of helpless tears
a love that you would fashion,
till, through the anguish of today,
hope takes us on,
hopes takes us on,
hope takes us on
another way.

A reflection by N.T. Wright – Only Love Believes: The Resurrection of Jesus and the Constraints of History.

A reflection by April Fiet on Mark 16:1-8, Where do we go from here.

Words of mission/Sending/Blessing
The God we worship is never confined to this holy place.
So go and travel with the God who is found
in ordinary and surprising places.
Go out and live as citizens of God’s realm.
Into God’s hands, we commit our spirits.
You are a chosen people.
Through you, the family of faith may grow.
Others will know they are God’s beloved through us.
Be empowered as you tell of the wonderful deeds of God in your life.
We will share the love we have received, with others.
(Rex AE Hunt)
God’s blessing be yours and well may it keep you.
Christ’s blessing be yours and well may it heal you.
Spirit’s blessing be yours and well may it warm you.
Now and ever more.
Amen! May it be so! (Celtic blessing, adapted)


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