Exodus: 32:1-14: While Moses is on the mountain with God, the people, struggling with how long he has been gone, ask Aaron to make them gods. He agrees, takes their gold jewellery and makes a golden calf which the people then worship, even though he tries to remind them that their celebration is “to the Lord”.
Psalm 106: 1-6, 19-23: A psalm of confession, remembering how God’s people turned away, and traded God for an image of a calf, forgetting God’s saving acts for them. Also, a recognition that God seemed intent on destroying the people, but for Moses pleading on their behalf.
Philippians 4:1-9: Paul encourages the Church to stand firm, to agree with one another, to live as those who await Christ’s appearance, and to meditate on those things that are good, true and beautiful.
Matthew 22:1-14: Jesus tells a story about a king who prepares a wedding feast for his son, but the none of the originally invited guests want to go. So, he sends his soldiers to destroy those guests, and then he invites others from the streets to come in, but when someone is found without wedding clothes, that person is thrown out. Jesus finishes with the well-known saying that many are invited but few are chosen.
(Summaries by John van de Laar, Sacredise)

RCL Bible readings

Call to worship
Whatever is true and honourble
is before us in the life of Christ this day.
In every moment lies a new possibility,
and an invitation to be present
in the gathering of love and justice.
Here, God meets us,
in the celebration of love for all people
and the passion for true community.
The invitation to the church is open before us
so that we may clothes ourselves in hope.
Let us think on these things,
as we lift our hearts in praise to God.
(Source: W4W, 2011)

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Prayer of Confession
O Christ, you graciously invite us
to the feast of your divine life,
but sometimes we are tempted
to delay our response to you.
We detour into trivial activities, or busy ourselves with commitments
which are to our own advantage. 
We convince ourselves that we are choosing what is important
and that other things can wait
until we are ready (a time for silence)
Forgive us, Jesus Christ.
Call to us again and give us the wisdom
to accept your invitation, we pray.
If we come into your presence
clothed in self-righteousness,
or with assumptions and certainties
which are not arising from your life with us:
Forgive us, Jesus Christ. 
When we fail to see what your people must wear
in kindness and respect for others
and openness to relationship:
Forgive us, Jesus Christ. 
Call to us again and give us the wisdom
which flows from your grace, we pray. Amen.
(Source: W4W 2011)

Words of assurance
Over and over again, when we stand in humility,
the voice of Christ comes to us in welcome and compassion.
We are forgiven. Thanks be to God. 

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