Haggai 1:15b-2:9: God comforts the returning exiles as they grieve the loss of former glory, and face the reality of a new, simpler, less prosperous and glamorous life. God’s presence is assured, and a promise of future glory is offered as comfort and inspiration.
OR Job 19:23-27a: Job affirms his faith that God will ultimately defend, justify and restore him, in spite of the accusations of his friends.

Psalm 145:1-5, 17-21: God is worthy of praise, fair and faithful, and always near to, and protective of, those who love and trust God.
OR Psalm 98: A song of praise inviting all creation to celebrate God’s salvation and mercy.
OR Psalm 17:1-9: A prayer for God’s protection and justification based on the innocence and obdeience of the one praying.

2 Thessalonians 2:1-5, 13-17: Paul addresses the rumour-mongering and fear of the church, assuring them of God’s love and salvation, and their secure hope in Christ.

Luke 20:27-38: Jesus is confronted by the Sadducees about life after death, using the story of a woman who, through Levirate marriage, is married to seven brothers consecutively. He responds with an affirmation of resurrection, proclaiming that God is the God of he living, not of the dead.
(Bible readings summary by John van de Laar, Sacredise)

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Prayers of who we are
When life is confusing and we are lost …
Help us to stand firm, holding on to your truth
When life is hard and we are discouraged …
Help us to stand firm, holding on to your truth
When life seems pointless and we don’t want to know …
Help us to stand firm, holding on to your truth
When life threatens and we are afraid …
Help us to stand firm, holding on to your truth
A silence is kept
Help us to stand firm, Lord,
Through all the threats and challenges,
Through all the dangers and fears.
Help us to hold on to the truths that we have been taught,
In the sure knowledge that you are with us. Amen.
(Source: “New Ideas for Worship” Uniting Education)

Benediction (based on Psalm 145:18-19)
As you leave this place
remember that you do not go alone.
God is close at hand.
He hears the cry of all who call on His name.
He honours those who honour Him,
listening to their prayers and coming to their aid.
So go from here with joy and confidence,
to love and serve God and one another.



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