Jeremiah 29;1,4-7
The people of Israel are in exile, but Jeremiah still asks them to seek the welfare of the city in whcih they live as foreigners. They are to live as God’s faithful people, no matter what the context.
Psalm 66:1-12
2 Timothy 2:8-15
Luke 17:11-19 (healing of the ten lepers)

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Praise the Holy Name (reflecting on Psalm 66:1-12)
create a sound from deep within,
sing full, cry out, speak loud for all
to hear your praises of the Holy One.

all life on earth, whatever breathes,
return that breath with gratitude
to the Source, the Breath, the Wind.

with joyful voice, delighted heart,
with wonder, awe, and love, sing
true the splendour of God our Maker.

sing the greatness, ring out the radiance
with bells peeling through city streets,
music floating above the fields.

give as you have been given – with joy
immeasurable, generosity unstoppable,
let it bubble and pop and spout and flow.

sing low, sing high, sing gladness that rides
the night time horses as boldly as it
frolics in the sunshine – only sing!

sing your songs of praise to God, all
who dwell on earth; sing day and night,
sing forever to the name of holiness itself.

(Source: Sarah Agnew, Pray The Story)

Call to worship
The whole world belongs to God.
Around us lies the kinship of the Christ.
As we walk its streets, our lives touch the beloved,
for all are gathered into the grace-filled hope of the Holy Spirit.
We are the messengers of God!
Our voices will be raised high for justice
and our lives a part of the healing
for all who wait in hope.
What an honour and a dream belongs to us,
for we are the people of God in our day.
(Source: Words for Worship 2010)

Prayer of thanksgiving
Our thanks arise from around the earth to you, O God.
All that lives celebrates your creative life and gifts in all their diversity.
We join the voices of those who have found themselves
walking with the Christ and being tranformed in that encounter,
with its experience of love and grace.
We thank you that no matter who we are
you notice our need and cherish us with your love. 
Thanks be to you, O  God. Amen.
(Source: Words for Worship 2010)

Prayer of confession
Jesus Christ, we know that our life as your church
has not always been gracious
with healing love for those who pass by.
Sometimes those aroudn us experience only our judgements
and perceive us as self-righteous.
Sometimes we have remained silent in the face of injustice
pressing on with our own agendas
and ignoring the vulnerable around us.
A silence is kept. 
Have mercy on us, Jesus Christ.
Renew within us a faithful love for others, we pray.
Sometimes you come to us in kindness
and offer us gifts for our own healing,
but we fail to be thankful.
We take your love for granted, O God,
or decide that we wanted a different answer to our prayers.
A silence is kept
Have mercy on us, Jesus Christ.
Renew within us a faithful love for others, we pray. Amen.
(Source: Words for Worship 2010)

Words of assurance
The healing which Christ brings to us is the offering of unconditional grace.
If we open our hearts to receive it, our lives will be transformed.
The Good News comes to us now: we are forgiven!
Thanks be to God!
(Source: Words for Worship 2010)

Prayers of Interecession
(see other prayers here).
O Jesus Christ, lover of the world,
may we bring your word to life
in the streets of the community around us.
Give us eyes to see those who long for healing, 
or who live in need and loneliness.
Give to us your wisdom as we relate to others, Holy Spirit,
offering true respect to them and inviting life in all its fulness.
May we become known as those who give genuine love to friend and stranger.
Help us to bring true care to the diverse people we meet,
crossing over barriers of difference,
so that the world may see in action
a love which goes beyond its own and reaches out to all.
We pray now for these people who we see around us:
(prayers are ofttfered)
Live within us, Jesus Christ.
Expand our minds and hearts and souls, 
so that we may relate to others
with generosity and kindness
no matter what the challenges to that love may be.
Call to us through the voices of those
who feel deserted by the world,
as people turn their faces away.
Give to us a grace which echoes your grace, loving Christ,
in spite of our humanity.
Then stay with us as we walk the road
which stretches before us on this day. Amen.
(Source: Words for Worship 2010)

Prayer of dedication/offering prayer
(see also prayers here).
O God, we know that we can influence the well-being of those around us.
Receive now what we have offered, and guide us in its use. 
This we pray in faith. Amen.
(Source: Words for Worship 2010)

Let us go in peace.
And may each street become a place of welcome,
each corner a turning towards the good,
and the holiness of God be as a breath of hope
for all the people of the world. Amen.
(Source: Words for Worship 2010)


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