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Andrei Rublev

Trinity by Andrei Rublev

3 birds

3 birds

Dorothy Sayers (Mind of the Maker): “For every work of creation is threefold, an earthly trinity to match the heavenly. First, there is the Creative Idea, passionless, timeless, beholding the whole work complete at once, the end in the beginning: and this is the image of the Father. Second, there is the Creative Energy begotten of that idea, working in time from the beginning to the end, with sweat and passion, being incarnate in the bonds of matter: and this is the image of the Word. Third, there is the Creative Power, the meaning of the work and its response in the lively soul: and this is the image of the indwelling Spirit.”

Do you want to know what goes on in the core of the Trinity?
I will tell you.
In the core of the Trinity
the Father laughs
and gives birth to the Son.
The Son laughs back at the Father
and gives birth to the Spirit.
The whole Trinity laughs
and gives birth to us.
(Meister Eckhart, German theologian, philosopher and mystic, 1260-1327)

Trinity Sunday is the only week in the year when the focus of our worship is a doctrine. This year, though, the readings move the Trinitarian theme beyond the realm of purely intellectual fascination, into a very practical response to the radical transformation that comes from an encounter with this Triune God. May the mystery of the Trinity challenge and change us as we worship this week. (John van de Laar)

Readings: Isaiah 6:1-8; Psalm 29; Romans 8:12-17; John 3:1-17.

Textweek resources
Christine Longhurst re-worship blog
John van de Laar, Sacredise resources
See also Trinity Sunday Year A on this blog.

Trinity Sunday gathering litany
Within a mystery
lies another mystery

Within an mystery
lies a sacrament

within a sacrament
lies a journey

through a journey
lies a living

within a living
lies a calling

within a calling
lies our God

within our God
lies a mystery

always a mystery
within another mystery

Things are never as they seem
This is Trinity Sunday

not some enigma to solve
but a mystery to live

Welcome into God

Source: Roddy Hamilton’s Mucky Paws. He suggests that you: “Take apart a Russian Doll as you read this (make sure there are enough dolls inside to complete the reading).”

Opening prayer
Abba, Father, Mother, Creator–we call You by many names, but the names we choose show our relationship with You. We desire to draw closer to You, O God. We desire to hear Your voice above the chatter of the world, to know Your ways and to walk in them.
Spirit of Life, Wind and Breath among us, we feel You move through us, guiding us on our journey, inspiring us to share Your love with others.
Jesus, the Christ, the Savior of us all, our Brother and Friend, we desire to walk in Your ways and to love one another as You have first loved us.
Triune God, we desire to relate to You and to each other more fully, so that we might draw into the depths of Your love, first glimpsed at creation, when Your voice called us and the earth forth out of darkness into Your light. Continue to call us, guide us and lead us into this world and beyond. Amen.
(c) Rev Mindi, Rev-o-lution blog.

God, whose word spoke life and creativity into a formless universe,
and order to a nation of escaped slaves,
whose strong and compassionate voice challenged injustice through frail prophets,
we praise you.
Jesus, whose touch smoothed the broken skin of lepers,
and brought a bleeding woman back to health and belonging,
whose hand raised dead girls, and refused to throw stones at prostitutes,
we praise you.
Spirit, whose breath restores souls and bodies,
and whose presence comforts the grieving,
whose fire ignites compassion within us for the healing of the nations,
we praise you.
God of wholeness,
we celebrate the healing you bring to us and our world,
and we celebrate the promised wholeness
that awaits all of creation
in your eternal reign. Amen. (c) John van de Laar

Holy Creator, we have come to worship you.
Open our eyes to see your glory!
Holy Christ, we have come to follow you.
Guide our steps to walk more closely to you!
Holy Spirit, we have come to be reborn in you.
Teach us to embrace the gift of new life!
Together, let us worship the Triune God!
(c) Amy Loving, Worship Closet

Prayers of Intercession/prayers for others

A desperate world by John van de Laar
We are a world that is desperate for you, God.

When powers struggle for dominance,
and war, oppression and abuse result;
When groups of people oppose one another
because of ideology, religion or culture;
We need a God who is bigger than ourselves,
and our personal interests.
Prayer may be offered for specific areas of conflict in the world.

When people are disregarded and devalued
because of poverty, geography or disease;
When compassion and justice is withheld to some
because of sexuality, race or gender;
We need a Saviour who is more compassionate than we are
who includes even those we would exclude.
Prayer may be offered for specific people and places of suffering in the world.

When resources are mismanaged and abused,
and the world and its creatures are destroyed;
When motivation is scarce and creativity is in short supply
to address the challenges that we face;
We need a Spirit who is more powerful and more creative
than we could ever be.
Prayer may be offered for specific challenges and issues that we struggle with in the world.

Lord God, Loving Saviour, Empowering Spirit,
we offer you these prayers
because we need you so desperately.
Captivate us, call us and fill us,
that we may be carriers of your eternal life
to this world that you love so dearly. Amen.

The following could be adapted for the Great Prayer of Thanksgiving for Trinity Sunday:

A love so strong by John van de Laar
We thank You, God, for a love so strong, that you would fashion a universe, place within it a world, and give life to creatures so that you could have someone to love.
That you would confront the worst that people can do and conquer without drawing any blood but your own.
That you would breathe your Spirit into what you made, allowing human hands to share in building your life and purpose in the world.
That you would live in that which you created, and inspire love for you in our hearts, so that when we take the time to look we would find you in each other and share the love we have found in you.

The love of the faithful Creator,
The peace of the wounded Healer,
The joy of the challenging Spirit,
The hope of the Three-in-One
surround and encourage us
today, tonight, and forever.
May the blessing of God – the Creator, the Healer,
and the Spirit,
be with us and remain with us always. Amen.
(The Pattern of our DaysIona Community)

Music suggestions

All Hail, Majestic Trinity!

Tune suggestions ( LM meter):
OLD HUNDREDTH (Praise God from whom all blessings flow)
DUKE STREET (Jesus shall reign where’er the sun)
O WALY, WALY (Tho’ I may speak with bravest fire)

All hail, majestic Trinity!
All hail, eternal unity!
O God the Father, God the Son,
and God the Spirit, ever one.

One living God, our hearts adore;
three Persons, now and evermore;
and in your loving mercy kind
salvation’s promised hope we find.

O Trinity, O Unity,
our God, both now and ever be;
and with the songs that angels sing
we shall rejoice, all-glorious king.

(Translated from the original Latin 10th Century by Michael Saward, after John Chambers (1805-93).  (c) Michael Saward / Jubilate Hymns.
Please report the use of this hymn on your CCLI license)

Trinity Hymn (tune: Ellacombe)
The void that rippled with your breath
was ordered to your will;
then life evolved, as love informed
your purpose and your skill.
That love, the ground of all that was,
of all that is to be,
inspired the prophets, fired each word,
and still is wild and free.

The fire of love was never quenched,
yet all your power distilled
until a human frame contained
all that you loved and willed.
You came in humble gentleness,
to live beneath this sky,
and though your flesh was scourged and torn
your love would never die.

Beyond the cross, beyond the grave,
you lived audacious hope,
and proved that truth and grace could give
a life of greater scope.
And now the spirit fires our lives
and we are living proof
that God who formed the universe
loves now through grace and truth.

(c) Andrew Pratt 19/3/2010, Hymns and Books.

Psalm 8 music suggestions – check out Christine Longhurst’s list.

Holy Holy Holy
I was interested to find a version of ‘Holy Holy Holy’ on a Unitarian site with reference to the Trinity omitted. See what you think.

Tune: NICAEA (Irregular)
1. Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly! O God Al-migh-ty!
Ear-ly in the morn-ing our song shall rise to thee;
Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly, mer-ci-ful and migh-ty!
Per-fect in power, in love, and pu-ri-ty.

2. Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly! All the saints a-dore thee,
cast-ing down their gol-den crowns a-round the glass-y sea;
Che-rub-im and se~raph-im fall-ing down be-fore thee,
who was, and is, and ev-er-more shall be.

3. Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly! though the night-fall hide thee,
hin-dered by our va-ni-ties we have not eyes to see;
On-ly thou art ho-ly; there is none be-side thee,
names with-out num-ber, blest in u-ni-ty!

4. Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly! O God Al-migh-ty!
All thy works shall praise thy name, in earth, and sky, and sea;
Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly; mer-ci-ful and migh-ty!
Per-fect in power, in love, and pu-ri-ty. A-men.

Noble, Yet Mystical Ground… (Tune: ‘Was Lebet’ 11 10 11 10D) 115 WNC
Noble, yet mystical, ground of creation,
star-fire and sun shower, and darkness and dreams;
all that through senses draws forth adoration,
God, we would worship, the love that redeems.

Human, yet awesome, the Christ, our relation,
offers a spirit: we learn to forgive.
Conquering our will this divine annexation
offers a way for us simply to live.

Spirit of living gives hope for our dying,
something transcending this life and its frame,
onward and upward in faith we are flying,
goal of existence, your love is our aim.
(Source: Andrew Pratt)



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